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Forget Me Not

Landscape Care

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Landscapes are living breathing organisms and as such, they need to be maintained properly to get the best use out of them. We cannot just plant plants and forget about them, hoping they grow their best. We can’t just install a patio or walkway and do nothing to keep it pristine. If we treated ourselves like that, we probably wouldn’t have too many friends because, well, we wouldn’t look and smell very good. Your landscape needs to be cared for in order for it to thrive just like we need to care and maintain our minds and bodies in order to enjoy life to its fullest.

Trees and plants will need the proper amount of water given at the proper time. They will need periodic fertilizer, a deep-root fertilizer program is the best option for that, and pruning in order to grow healthy and strong with more vibrant color in the foliage and flowers. Patios will need to be swept, and sometimes hosed off to maintain their clean and crisp appearance. Kitchen islands and water features will need to be wiped down and washed off; water sealing may need to be reapplied after a couple years. Patio furniture must be dusted off and wiped down. Low voltage lighting may need to have its angles adjusted for just that right highlighting, bulbs may need replacing. Pet feces and urine will need to be picked up and washed off or diluted from the surface it was deposited. Artificial turf may need to be re-power-broomed, real grass will need to be mowed, fertilized, and aerated. Yes, there are some things to do.

Since most of us have extremely busy schedules already, we suggest hiring a professional company like Mauri Landscapes to take care of your significant landscape investment so that it can maintain it’s purpose and pristine for years to come. So, since your landscape can’t speak, I will have to say it: “Don’t forget me baby, don’t forget me, ohhhhhh!” (Sorry, 80’s flashback)

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