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Landscape Maintenance

A properly maintained outdoor paradise is a stunning testimony to how much your landscape matters to you. It is a refreshment to your soul as the stress of the day melts away when you see your manicured property come into view. But, just as you would most likely not allow just anyone to style your hair or make your food, you should never let just any company have at your landscape. There is a great difference between a professional landscape maintenance service that treats your property as if it was their own personal garden and a mow and blow company that is just trying to squeeze as many properties in as it can. What you need is a custom tailored program to suit your individual style and care for specific landscape needs. Mauri Landscapes is your personal gardener and offers a variety of maintenance programs to suit every preference, style and need.

Deep-Root Fertilization

This is the best way to fertilize any landscape no matter what part of the country you live in but it is critical for our situation here in the Las Vegas Valley. Offered twice a year, Spring & Fall, our deep-root fertilizer is a custom blended, slow-release, mixture formulated specifically for our desert soils and plant types. Deep rooting plants get the fertilizer right to the root zone where the plant needs it and aerates around the roots in the process. This is another beneficial element to deep-root fertilizing as it breaks up the compaction of our hard soils and allows for better root movement and breathing. The slow release allows plants to take up the nutrients gradually, unlike the quick hit fertilizers that make your plants dependent upon them. They’ll look good in the short term, but ultimately these fertilizers cause the plant to need more and more to keep up their appearance. Another great benefit of deep-root fertilization is that there are much less salts in injected fertilizer than there is in granular fertilizer. We already have way too much salt in our soils to begin with. Keep your trees and plants growing better, looking greener, having vibrant flowers for longer periods of time, and lasting longer by putting them on a twice a year program of deep-root fertilization, the most efficient and cost-effective way to fertilize your plants. Call today for a free estimate.

Lawn Aeration

For a person to look their best, they need to combine proper diet and exercise. Your lawn is no different. If you want your lawn to look it’s best, you must feed it properly with the right fertilizers and a well thought out watering schedule. This will ensure that everything is heading in the right direction. But, to really get that lush green and thick lawn look that refreshes your soul when you look at it, you need to aerate the lawn twice a year. This is the exercise part that creates the helpful stress your lawn needs to grow stronger. Every Spring and Fall, Mauri Landscapes will send a team out to aerate our client’s lawns. Aeration is simply the process of extracting 2-3” deep plugs every 3-4” apart. We then overseed the lawn area with a combination of fescue blend seed, starter fertilizer, sand (to loosen compacted soils), and mycorrhizal (to protect the root zone of the grass).

The following are the benefits of this service:

  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Reduced thatch
  • Better access to the root zone of the grass blades
  • Enhanced seed germination
  • New grass seed introduced
  • Eventual thickening of the lawn
  • Increased resistance to disease
  • Assistance in weed reduction
  • Immediate improvement of lawn’s appearance

Make sure to schedule your lawn aeration now!

Yard Maintenance Programs

All programs tailored to individual properties, preferences, styles, and needs. Which one fits you? Call now for your free estimate.

  • Weekly – once a week visit to mow and edge the lawn (if necessary), pull weeds, blow out beds, clean trash, check irrigation, and prune plants as necessary.
  • Monthly – once a month visit to prune as necessary, weed, blow out beds, clean trash and check irrigation.
  • Quarterly – once a quarter visit to prune as necessary, weed, blow out beds, clean trash, and check irrigation.
  • Bi-annually – twice a year visit to prune as necessary, weed, blow out beds, clean trash, and check irrigation.
  • One Time Clean-ups – Call whenever you are ready for a general clean-up which includes: clean trash, prune, weed, blow out beds, and check irrigation.

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