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Custom Outdoor Living Features

Custom Outdoor Living Features upgrade your home and are just plain fun. Expand your home’s living space by adding a spectacular outdoor kitchen experience or, cozy up to your custom fireplace or fire pit. Are your cement prison block walls boring you to tears? Why not add some stone treatments to jazz them up a bit. Of course, if you really want your friends and family talking, dazzle them with your custom waterfall or relax with them by your wonderful water wall. If you can think it up, we can create it.

Mauri Landscapes is the only installer in the Las Vegas area for the proprietary concrete paneling technology from ClifRock. This revolutionary way of making stunning custom outdoor features replicates many varieties of real stone and wood designs for a fraction of the cost it takes to manufacture them the traditional way. This system also provides advantages in feature location and accessibility that was not possible before. However, if you prefer to spend more for the traditional construction techniques or products, Mauri Landscapes can provide that as well. Let’s take a look at some of the features we create for you:

Outdoor Kitchens

Mauri has a large variety of panel and countertop options to fit every style and desire for your outdoor kitchen islands. From your basic cooking station to a full blown kitchen experience complete with bar level countertops and beverage centers for entertaining guests. You will get to choose from an assortment of the highest quality accessories such as top-rated grills and refrigerators, kamado cookers, drop-in ice chests, storage cabinets, and more to complete this amazing custom outdoor feature. Mauri Landscapes will create, construct, and care for this most popular hang-out spot for families and their friends.

Custom Fire Features

Whether it is a romantic fireplace to snuggle in front of on a crisp autumn night or a fun fire pit to sit around while entertaining friends and family who are over for a visit, Mauri Landscapes offers many versions of each of these outdoor favorites that are perfect for our desert evenings. Choose from authentic wood burning features to natural gas and propane features. They can match your outdoor kitchens or be a different design all together. Decide on styles such as traditional, modern, or uniquely you.

Custom Water Features

Who hasn’t stopped in their tracks to stare in amazement and be refreshed at the sights and sounds of cascading water over a stunningly sculpted rock waterfall or relaxed by the tranquil sound of dancing water shooting from artfully placed sheer descents on a beautifully crafted water wall. Looking for a slide for your pool, no problem with our panel technology. No matter what your style, Mauri Landscapes can make these features come alive in your outdoor living space as you become the talk of the neighborhood and a desired destination for your family and friends.

Custom Wall Treatments

Let Mauri Landscapes bring life to your boring courtyard and perimeter walls, that are so prominent here in the Las Vegas Valley, with custom concrete panels that jazz up those walls with an authentic stone or wood look. These wall treatments will instantly warm up your outdoor area and give your walls some needed character and dimension.

Specimen Boulders

Our rock panels can be made into eye-catching specimen sized boulders that could only otherwise have been installed by a crane. Are you looking for an alternative way to install steps in your yard, our rock panels can do that too, whatever shapes and sizes you are looking for. Call Mauri Landscapes today for a Complimentary Consultation.

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