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Landscapes are living organisms which means they will change and grow with time. Irrigation will need to be added to, or adjusted to fit the ideal water intake zone of each plant. Spaces in between plants will shrink and create the need to thin out the planting area. There are also different seasons throughout the year which means different types of vibrantly colored flowers and smells that evoke different feelings and memories in us are available for each season to accessorize your outdoor living space. Individual plants will die for a variety of reasons and need to be replaced. As the years go by, the irrigation system may start to fail and need to be replaced or upgraded in certain areas. Smart controllers can be installed to make you as water efficient as you can be. Mauri Landscapes is the company to call when you need to enhance your outdoor space. From updating your existing irrigation system so that it works optimally, and removing unwanted plants or adding new plants, to accenting selected areas around your property with beautiful seasonal flowers, Mauri is here to help you.

Irrigation Enhancement

When tree or plant roots grow, the drip line, or the area where the plant drinks the water to nourish it and keep it healthy, will expand further from the trunk of the tree or plant. The majority of the irrigation will need to be relocated to this area as well but some of it will need to stay closer to the trunk to make sure salts are leached away from the plant. This will give the plant a better opportunity to reach its potential; failure to adjust the irrigation will lead to stunted, underdeveloped plants and potentially lead to plant death as well.

This service starts with a complete irrigation analysis of your system. Recommendations are then made on what will get your system working optimally for your landscape needs and a proposal for adjustment is offered. Upon acceptance, Mauri Landscapes will schedule the work to be completed. All irrigation work we do is backed by our Superior 4 Year Warranty, parts and labor.

Seasonal Flowers

There are all kinds of wonderful flowers that can be planted in special areas throughout the landscape to accessorize, if you will, the area. It is kind of like the bling for your outdoor paradise. In the Las Vegas Valley, we have three (3) main seasons for flowers. They are as follows: Spring has many beautiful color assortments of flowers to catch the eye and smell good. Most of these will live until the hot summer temperatures burn them out. The Summer, with its extreme daytime heat and unforgiving nights actually has some varieties of flowers that will be able to hang as long as they are irrigated properly, like Vinca. The Fall and Winter has its own show of flowers to enjoy. Who doesn’t look forward to pumpkin cookies and hot chocolate when they see Chrysanthemums, decorative cabbage and kales gracing the beds of someone’s landscape. Pansies are the main winter flower and will last all the way until the Summer. Call Mauri Landscapes today to add seasonal color to your outdoor living area.

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