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Landscape Installation

The outside of your home is the first impression of your family for those who come to visit. It is a statement that tells anyone who drives by a little bit about what you value. It is the ignition to your comfort, peace and security when you drive up after a long hard day of work, flipping a switch in your emotions and bringing a certain level of refreshment. Your outdoor area is the clothes that dress up the home itself.

A properly landscaped outdoor area is a combination of Hardscapes and a combination of plant life, irrigation, and mulch, which we call Landscapes. Hardscapes are the bones of your outdoor area defining space and introducing areas whereas Landscapes soften and accentuate your home with the living beauty of lush landscape trees, plants, and lawn areas. Hardscapes extend your home’s living space to the outside by creating or extending patios with gorgeous pavers, flagstones, or various styles of concrete. Landscapes create visual beauty, shade, and add dimension to your outdoor paradise. Hardscapes sculpt your property into multiple levels and make usable areas that were not originally so. Landscapes are the pop of colors that make your eyes dance and your face smile and invite many interesting creatures, like hummingbirds, to hang out in your outdoor living room.

The combination of properly designed and installed Landscapes and Hardscapes creates destination areas and brings excitement, refreshment and pride to the family who has the privilege of owning it. It is your own personal paradise and Mauri Landscapes is the company to make it happen for you.

Landscape Elements:
  • Evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Annual flower arrangements
  • Lush lawns
  • Custom tailored irrigation systems for nourishment and efficiency
  • Dry river beds
  • Decorative stone and wood mulch options
  • Boulders
  • Lighting
  • Accessories such as decorative pots, statuary, and fountains

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