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Make your gorgeous landscape come alive with our expertly designed LED low voltage accent lighting. Look as your landscape takes on a new identity with perfectly placed path lights that lead you to a destination and strategically placed up lights that highlight the focal points of your outdoor paradise. Be the talk of your neighborhood as your accent lighting changes colors for a holiday look. There are many options to choose from that will set your property apart from the average, ordinary properties that abound.

A properly designed low voltage lighting system combines art and practicality. For instance, make sure that your guests never have a chance to get accidentally hurt while enjoying your landscape by illuminating potentially dangerous areas with perfectly placed stylish path lights. Not only is the path light beautiful, but it serves a practical purpose. In every outdoor living room, there are certain elements that attract the majority of the attention. Trees are placed to give stature to your yard and promote a psychological comfort and security to those who are living there. Trees, then, are features that need to be highlighted with focused up lighting to draw the nighttime attention their way as well. Waterfalls and statuary, river beds and boulders, decorative walls and house edges are all elements of your overall landscape look that come to life at night when our lights are urging people to look at them.

There is an enormous difference between professional grade lights that are placed by a professional designer and the less expensive and less impressive light packages that just anyone can buy over the counter. Store bought lighting packages limit you to what they contain and force you to use them in the amount they are given. They are always constructed of lesser grade materials and are destined to fail in a short period of time compared to the superior materials used to build the more professional light fixtures. Professional designers always will choose the more efficient and well built light fixtures which come in a much greater style variety than the store bought stuff and give them the flexibility of customizing the use of the fixtures for the specific characteristics of the landscape. One light on a tree draws attention to it, but multiple lights on that same tree make it’s silhouette dance in the evening to the great delight of all who see it.

There has never been one client that was debating whether or not to include lighting in their outdoor paradise who regretted the decision to make their landscape come alive at night. Make sure to add this client favorite to your outdoor living area. Call our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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