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Synthetic Turf

Are you tired of mowing the lawn and paying high water bills but still like the look of a green lawn? Is your available area too small to put in a lawn? Do you love to golf and want to practice in the comfort of your own backyard? Synthetic turf is the very popular answer to all of these questions.

Today, there are many styles and color variations of artificial turf to choose from. There are thin turfs and thicker turfs, Summer green turfs and Spring green turfs, turfs with thatch built in and without it. The point is, you won’t have any problem finding an option for your specific desire or circumstance. Synthetic turf has come a long way since the days of its inception. The best options now are impossible to distinguish from real grass if you are at a distance, and pretty tough to distinguish even at a closer view. Of course, there are still cheaper options available which fade quickly and wear poorly; that is why it is best to have a professional company like Mauri Landscapes design the synthetic turf installation and recommend the type of turf to use.

In addition to choosing the right style of turf for your specific situation, it is important to know that the turf will be installed properly. Perhaps the biggest concerns in turf installation are the seam lines. Unsightly seams can ruin an otherwise beautiful turf installation. Mauri Landscapes avoids this challenge by using the ProCutta Seam Cutting System. This revolutionary system makes a night and day difference in synthetic turf installation and helps us to be one of the best landscapers for the job.

There are many uses for synthetic turf. The most popular reason families choose to install turf is to make sure their children have a cushioned and visually pleasing place to play. Our lives can be extremely busy and full; we don’t have time to maintain a real lawn but our kids still need to be able to run and play. Another way to use synthetic turf is for those golf lovers. Even non-golfers would have to admit how pretty and refreshing it is to look out on an expanse of lush green like we see on golf courses. Want to replicate a famous hole from a famous golf tournament in your yard? Mauri Landscapes is your contractor for that! A third reason to use turf in our Las Vegas Valley is so that your front yard, which is not allowed to have a real lawn in it, can look green and inviting. For this purpose, you will want to use a good looking turf that is not as thick since you will probably not be playing on the front yard turf like you would the backyard turf. Yet another way people use turf is for small areas like courtyards or smaller backyard spaces where the turf will have to go up to the wall or home. A real lawn would cause water damage to those structures. And, a final reason that many clients use turf is for their dogs to have an area to play.

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