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A Landscape Vision

String lighting in wood gazebo at night

Refreshment, Restoration, and Peace

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When I think of the vision and application of a properly installed landscape, I think of four words. I think of REFRESHMENT, RESTORATION, PEACE, and MEMORIES. Landscaping is so much more than just a bunch of stuff in your outdoor area. Landscaping is meant to inspire, to bring a kind of health to your soul. For instance, when I pull into my driveway after a long hard day of work, the stress just starts to melt from my body as I look at my beautiful landscape and realize, I’m home. I am in a place that is safe. A place where the people I love most in this world are, and who love me back. And it starts to refresh me instantly; it brings peace to my soul, it restores me.

I look out on my lush lawn, and I remember having catches with my son. Gazing upon the winding pathways throughout my property, and I remember all the walks and talks I had with my wife and daughters; many good things came out of those walks. I look out at the sprawling trees and remember my children climbing them, hanging from the branches like little monkeys. I step out onto my spacious patios and reminisce about all the gatherings with our family and friends and the celebrations we shared; I remember my oldest daughter’s wedding, my parents 50th wedding anniversary, all the birthday and holiday celebrations and the backyard balls we had to celebrate our children entering adulthood. These things bring a smile to my face and to my heart. They refresh me, they restore me, they bring peace. These are the important things of life.

So, my question is, how is your landscape going to bring those memories to you? How is your landscape going to refresh you, restore you, bring you peace?  It is Mauri Landscapes privilege to help our clients build these special memories in their families as they interact with their specifically designed, visionary landscape, constructed with a greater purpose than just adding stuff to an empty space. Happy Memory Making!

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