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Let’s Play

Family Time

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Our landscaped yards should be beautiful to look at, but they should also be set up as an extension of our home’s useable space. There is something special about stepping out of the sometimes-stuffy confines of our indoors, no matter how comfortable they may be, and into the fresh air and warm sunshine of the Las Vegas outdoors. And, in this age of constant screen distraction and sedentary living, it is important to get our family outside and moving around. Your landscape is the setting for family fun and healthy interactions.

Families need to be creative and intentional to set aside time to play in their yards. Whether you have a real grass lawn or an artificial turf, get the kids out there doing obstacle courses or relay races. You can set up a cornhole tournament or if there is enough space, a bocce ball court can be set up. Add to the fun by awarding their efforts with a delicious ice cream creation. But you can also play in more simple ways like a traditional catch or kicking the ball around, or bike riding, etc. The point is, there are plenty of ways to play in your landscaped yards and it is important that you make it a priority.

Playing together has many benefits, things like physical exercise, Vitamin D, laughing together, building unity and trust amongst each other, cooperation, a family identity, and traditions that will extend to the generations to come. Playing together also prevents excessive isolation and antisocial behavior development. Your family will come to look forward to these times, but they must be purposefully planned to succeed in this very busy and distracting world.

So, put down those phones, turn off the television, shut down the computers and lead your family outside to play!

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