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Expand Your Borders

custom fire feature overlooking back yard landscaping

Outdoor Living

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There is much more to your home than just what’s inside the walls of your home. While most of your living will be done inside those walls, it doesn’t have to stop there. A well designed landscape incorporates the outdoor space you have and makes it an extension of your inside living area. So what would expanding your borders look like?

Picture This

Its a calm and balmy Spring or Fall day. You have been cooped up inside your office, at home or elsewhere, and now it is time to breathe a little bit. Open your back door and step out onto your spacious patio complete with a custom outdoor kitchen which is already humming along with tonight’s scrumptious dinner. Reach into its refrigerator and grab your favorite beverage. Then mosey over to your tasteful furniture where you’ll sit back and relax while catching up with your spouse about the day’s events. Before dinner, head out to the grass or turf expanse you have with your children to throw the ball a bit or partake of some cornhole.

After dinner as the temperature starts to drop, you move over to your custom fire pit and throw a couple logs on or push the button to ignite your gas powered burners. You talk and relax around the fire with your loved ones as you gaze at your beautiful plants that are being highlighted by your elegant landscape lighting. It is then that you realize that you have forgotten about all the stresses you encountered during the day. This is just a picture of a potential everyday for you outdoor living extension. There are many other ways to use it.

What else can I do!?

Birthdays, holidays, special events, and rights of passage ceremonies for your children are more special when the outside is included. Sleepovers with the tent set up in the cozy backyard build memories that will be talked about for years. Summer cookouts and roasting marshmallows are everyone’s favorites. Relay races and football games and cornhole or bocce tournaments make life worth it in your versatile outdoor family rooms.

So how about it? Expand your borders today by making your outside area an extension of your living space. Inside is comfortable and safe, cozy even; but, outside is special.

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